Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ants, haircuts, birthdays, and Woody Woodpecker

So, are ya curious what this is all about?

First of all, we have an ant problem. They come in around the kitchen window and crawl all over the table and Luke's highchair tray. It's yucky. Yesterday I got some bait traps and spray and I haven't seen any today.

Yesterday, I gave both my boys haircuts. They both needed them pretty badly. Luke was not happy about it.


He didn't fuss, but from the looks of these pictures he sure wasn't enjoying himself.


I think he got some hair in his eyes, which is why he's scowling so much in that last picture.


We wiped it off.


All done! Handsome boy!

It was Alec's birthday yesterday. I gave him a goldfinch feeder for the backyard. So far, no finches have come to use it yet.

However, we were treated with a guest appearance by Woody Woodpecker right after haircut time. We heard a big ruckus outside so we went to look and saw this on the telephone pole behind our house:


Yup, a pileated woodpecker. We looked it up in our bird book to make sure. Apparently they're endangered, which is probably why we've never seen one before.

Here's a bigger picture:


Looks a little scary from that close! It sounded like the other birds thought he was scary too. What a noise they all made!


TBG said...

Luke looks so handsome!

You are right he does not look like he is enjoying himself!

Gayle and Rob said...

Wow what a beautiful picture of the woodpecker! That one looks like it could be in the Audubon magazine. Tell him to stay around for a few weeks - I'd like to hear that sound. We saw them once or twice in Fort Myers and also at Corkscrew Swamp.
Luke looks very grown up with this hair cut short.

KTP said...

Luke is just precious. it's almost time for Kyle's next haircut, too.

And my husband's birthday is tomorrow!

MLE said...

Great picture of the woodpecker! I would have loved to hear it!

Shirlely Houtman said...

Katie....great woodpecker picture! It's been along time since I have seen one of those! Looks like there have been many woodpeckers there!
Aunt Shirley