Friday, June 02, 2006

Some observations while driving home

1) Friday afternoon Beltway traffice STINKS.

2) If I had to be a delivery truck driver, I wouldn't mind it if I could drive a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. They look cooler than a UPS truck. And it's A MERCEDES.

3) Picture this: a turquoise Ford Fiesta with a tiny female driver, a male passenger weighing well over 350 and taking up more than his fair share of the front, and a chihuahua walking around the back dash amongst the multiple beany babies. Almost worth the slow traffic just to pass slowly and stare. And I noticed it long before I got there because the right side had a distinct lean.

4) If you know there are panhandlers collectors for Our-Mother-of-Lady-something-or-other on the street corner, don't stop at Starbucks first for a Frapaccino, even if it is sweltering out. That little green straw is good at creating guilt when you shake your head 'no.'

5) The new GMC Envoys are UGLY.

6) My little boy in the backseat will always be a baby as long as he falls asleep in the carseat on the way home.

Here he is just after we got home. He's waking up and watching "DragonTales."



Odd Mix said...

I think you will find that no matter how big that little boy gets, he will ALWAYS be your baby.

Gayle and Rob said...

I love the way you look at life! The Fiesta with LEAN and a walking chihuahua on the back deck is an amazing picture. We put the Honda Element in the same ugly category as the Envoy...I fell asleep in my chair in the living room -- maybe I'm just a big baby.