Friday, May 05, 2006

Milk jugs and leg lifts

Now that Luke is walking, he is becoming more bold and going places he formerly didn't dare. It's posing some challenges in the parenting department and we've had some tantrums lately (Luke, not me). The other day he went down into the laundry room. I wouldn't mind so much, but the litter box is in there and I just don't want to deal with curiousity over there. Ick. He also found the recycling bin. Not as icky, but really - why do you need to play with old milk jugs and trash?



Yesterday, we spent a good amount of time outside. I put him in the swing and then we sat on the grass and watched airplanes and squirrels for a while. I wanted to go get the watering can so I set Luke down with my cell phone, which I had locked so he couldn't call anyone (he likes to look at the pictures on the screen). When I looked over at him, I knew I had to run in to get the camera.


Notice anything?


He's sitting still - not kicking his legs around.


He hates our grass! He would rather lean back and do one sustained leg lift than let his soft little legs touch it.

Frankly, I don't blame him. It's that zoysia stuff that's supposed to be great because it never dies, just goes dormant when there isn't enough rain. However, it looks dead all the time and it's prickly. I want a nice lawn that looks great and feels good on bare feet, but I guess I'll just have to be content with wearing shoes outside.


MLE said...

I can't wait to see his washboard abs after all that core exercise.

Joy said...

Isaac does the same thing! When he's crawling he won't put his knees down in it. He just tries his best to get where he wants to go on his hands and feet. It sort of makes him look like a monkey.