Monday, May 08, 2006

A Model A Weekend

Saturday was Berwyn Heights Day, the yearly event in May that our little town puts on to honor itself. It's kind of cheesy, but fun, especially if you're a kid and you like face painting and silly ring toss games that cost a quarter.

There's always a fun run in the morning, pancakes in the senior center served by the town councilmembers, a bake sale by the seniors club, and a parade. This year Alec drove the Ford in the parade.

He had a little drama the 24 hours before, however. Thursday evening he decided he should change the oil since he didn't know when it had last been done. He had just had the car on so the plug and oil were hot; he dropped it all in a pan figuring he would fish out the plug after it cooled off. He forgot, and it got thrown in the trash - which was then collected on Friday morning. He didn't remember until he was coming home Friday evening and about to go buy the oil. He came home instead and quick went to his on-line Model A chat room to see what he could do - it was already after closing hours for everything and the chance of some place being open on Saturday was slim. Turns out there is a Model A parts dealer about 45 minutes from our house and Alec went up early in the morning to get the plug. The man was very nice - left the part out on the table behind his home with a catalog and didn't even want payment. I guess he can take a $4 cut - he'll definitely get return business and referrals from us!

Here are some pictures from the parade:

He was behind "Miss College Park" - I didn't even know there was one.


The Chesapeake Pipe and Drum Corp (or something like that - bagpipes and drums).

There were a lot of local politicians and about every emergency vehicle from this district, all sounding their sirens at the same time. Luke was a little scared - sat way back in his stroller with big eyes.

Sunday afternoon we had a picnic at the new church property with our Sunday School group. Alec figured out how to strap Luke's carseat into the Ford so we took it to the picnic since most of our friends haven't seen it yet. Luke didn't like it at first. It's much louder than newer cars and he cried at first. I brought his pacifier along and after a few minutes he was OK. He's been afraid to go in the garage because of the car, but he'll walk in there and go up to the car now. I think he just needed to realize that it won't hurt him, it's just noisy.

Alec took some of the little boys (and a few bigger "boys" and "girls") around the little loop for rides.


(Not the greatest pictures, but I couldn't take any when they were going around the circle - too fast).

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Gayle and Rob said...

What fun! Glad you can share the car with neighbors and frineds - I'm guessing there won't be many people around who actually remember these vehicles in use. And thank the Lord for an oil cap and a generous businessman!!