Monday, June 05, 2006

Forks and firetrucks

This morning I let Luke use a fork to eat his peaches. He got the hang of it for the most part, with a little help. He grinned every time he put something in his mouth and I cheered.

He spears it . . .

and in it goes!

After a while he just speared it and grabbed the food off with his fingers . . .

or just chewed on the fork!


In other news, our oil tank in the backyard sprang a leak yesterday. We don't know when exactly, but Alec smelled it when he went out to the garage around 11:30 pm. It was coming out so fast we could hear it and it had already soaked into the ground. He got out some buckets and an oil pan to catch it but it was coming out too fast. We called the oil company and they couldn't say when they could get out so Alec called 911 and the fire department came to help.

Long story short: we had 3 fire trucks in the front of our house, one in the back with floodlights on the backyard, 2 fire chiefs' trucks and a HazMat truck. There were at least 20 guys in the backyard (with about 3 doing actual work). Here's a picture I took out the upstairs window. I know it's bad, but it was about 2 am:


And get this: the oil company told us it's our responsibility EVEN THOUGH THE TANK IS 3 1/2 YEARS OLD AND SHOULD HAVE LASTED 30!! Alec took the day off today and spent it making phone calls - very frustrating. After getting the run-around all day, he finally talked to someone high enough up that agreed with him that it would be in their best interests to give us a new tank and not charge us. A company this big should easily be able to absorb the cost of one $1400 oil tank, especially if this is an isolated incident like they say it is. If you live in this area, ask me and I'll tell you what oil company NOT to do business with!

Now, if only the back yard would stop smelling like oil.


TBG said...

Oh wow that is scary! Thankfully Alec caught it!

Gayle and Rob said...

You sure do lead an exciting life! Sometimes you back off when you're a consumer who has been given the run around, or you just give up but when it's an issue of public safety and big business against the homeowner it's nice to see some one stand firm - the oil company can write this sort of thing off...yeah, Alec! and praise the Lord that you are safe, the "what ifs" are terrifying.

B said...

That doesn't make for a nice backyard, does it! Yuck. At least it wasn't a sewer tank...

Odd Mix said...

Very creative fork technique.

Oh, and I have officially given Blogger the pink slip. I have imported my entire site to WordPress, comments and all. I will be posting there from now on. It was easy, it was clean, it was free, and best of all... it WORKS!!!!

You might want to change the link in your sidebar when you get a chance.