Saturday, June 10, 2006

Now I know what a "sleeper" is

You hear about movies that are so boring they put people to sleep. I never thought that about Cinderella before, but apparently Luke was tired of Gus-gus and Lucifer.


I realized that there is a TV and VCR in the basement at church and since Luke doesn't take naps there anymore I brought a video from home. He really liked it so I left him down there while I got a bunch of stuff done - periodically checking on him, of course. The first time I went down, he looked at me excitedly and pointed to the mice on the screen, The second time I went down, I found him zonked out in the chair.

So much for trying to get him to skip his morning nap.

And thank goodness I had brought my camera to church that day!

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TBG said...

He is out cold!