Saturday, June 10, 2006

That's my boy(s)

Today Alec found a snake under a wood pile he was moving while he was doing yard work. He put it in a big glass bottle and when Luke and I came home from PetSmart he showed it to us. Luke was thrilled.

Notice BOTH pointer fingers going.

P6100012 P6100013
Ooh, daddy! Can I touch it?

And there's that ol' pointing finger again.

Alec let it go in the front yard (close to the neighbor's fence - hee hee).

The Luke pulled up grass and played in the dirt.



I guess he got over his fear of grass. I wish I'd taken a picture of him about 15 minutes later. His butt was filthy (also because he had been riding in the wheelbarrow and had rust dust all over him), his hands were filthy, and he'd touched his mouth at some point so it was filthy, too. Very cute.

And very boyish. I didn't mind the dirt.


TBG said...

Yes they are both boys! I would not have been looking at that snake I would have run the other way~

Sylvan Mysts Sales said...

Is that a garter snake (green and gold) or a black rat snake (black and white)? Snakes are cool. Some of them even make decent pets. Of course in this area you have to make sure it's not a baby copperhead.

Looks like Luke has masterred the "Getting dirty in 30 seconds flat" requirement. LOL. Sometime we should have you all out to the farm and my kids can get him REALLY dirty.

B said...

As much as I REALLY hate snakes, that really is kinda cute. In recent pictures Luke looks like he's grown a lot and thinned out. What happened to my chubby little baby?! I just hope he remembers us a little when Em and I come out in August. I can't wait! (Just don't find any more snakes, Alec!)

Katie said...

He has thinned out. He's wearing the same clothes he wore last summer - including some 6-9 month shorts!

MLE said...

He's so grown up! Ahhh! Stop time! Don't let him grow any more before August! :)

OddMix said...

Ha. Oops, that was me in the Sylvan Mysts Sales comment. Sorry

House of Prince Mom said...

Wow, Luke has changed! I drop in every now and then to see how you are doing. I really like following Luke's development.