Monday, July 03, 2006

Summer visit #2

Yesterday our second set of summer visitors came. My Uncle Tim and his family came out to this area for the holiday weekend and we met up with them at church. They came over for the rest of the day and we had fun eating, hanging out, and catching up. We hadn't seen them since Grandma's 80th birthday party last April. Needless to say, Luke was a lot more fun this visit.

Luke played peek-a-boo with Uncle Tim. A little strange to think that about 29 years ago he played this with me. He's pretty good at it and I'm guessing that was why he was my buddy back then.



Then Luke sat with Uncle Tim and Kim and looked through his picture cards.


Aunt Pat brought a new toy, also. It has gears that fit together and move when you press a button. Luke figured out pretty quickly that the gears don't move unless they're connected to the one in the center. A genius, I tell you!


And they make pretty groovy glasses, too.



OddMix said...

Looks like Luke will either be an engineer or an optometrist.'

B said...

Do you think if Uncle Tim had a mustache it would scare Luke as much as it scared you? :)