Saturday, July 01, 2006


Today was not as hot as it had been the past few days. This week we had record rainfalls and the humidity really went up as a result. Yesterday we had a little shower and the temps and humidity came way down. I turned the AC off and aired out the house since I was really getting stuffy. Plus, I like having the windows open - I hate the silence of the closed up house and it really gets to me after a couple weeks.

Unfortunately, a nasty side effect of all the rain was a rise in the mosquito population. Luke and I both have lots of red bumps on our arms and legs.

This afternoon Alec was working on the Ford and Luke wanted to be out so I took out the turtle pool. The water was very cold, but Luke enjoyed it. I just need to get a swim suit for him - the soggy diapers are ridiculous.



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I spent most of the day making a new slip cover for the old wing-back chair in the family room. The chair was a freebie from a friend when we first got married and came with a very well-made homemade slipcover which was pretty ugly, but not as ugly as the chair (gold velvet). The slipcover came apart when I washed it so I found a remnant at JoAnn and used my 40% coupon - $11 for 5 yards of heavy duty upholstery fabric that ISN'T ugly! My cover didn't turn out as nice as the old one (even though I used it as a pattern) but it will do. Plus I added a zipper to the cushion so it won't slide off every time you sit on it like the last one did.


I still need to sew some buttons on the front of the arms to gather in the extra fabric, but I'm done for tonight.


B said...

That video is wonderful! Even though there's no sound you can still hear the jabbering. I love it!

OddMix said...

The slip cover looks good.

Do you use swim diapers on him when he goes in the pool?

Gayle and Rob said...

Bob used to have a sunscreen that included a bug repellant,maybe that would help. He looks like he's enjoying the water!