Thursday, August 31, 2006


I had CBS Leadership Training most of the day. When I went up to check on Luke in the nursery, he ran away from me. I guess he was having a good time!

I got a phone call this morning from my doctor. I failed the 1-hour glucose test so I have to take the 3-hour test this week. Here we go again!

I put some sauce on Luke's pasta tonight. He cleaned his plate, then put it on his head - sauce side down.

Here are some pictures from Aunt Emily's blog, for those of you that don't visit there. She promises more are in the mail, so you'll see some more soon.


100_2250 100_2224




Gayle and Rob said...

Sounds like the little cutie is a normal, typical boy! Hope things go well at the Dr., at least this time you know what to expect.

TBG said...

What a big boy!

Tink said...

My God you have a BEAUTIFUL boy. :)