Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Teach 'em while they're young!

A variation of "Get 'em while they're hot"

Last week, my aunt sent a package for my birthday (which was yesterday and one of significance). It included a present for Luke, which we had talked about when they were here for the 4th of July. It was a Bissell Scooby Doo "Groovy Vac" (it picks up your ruh-rohs). We only attached one of the three handle lengths and Luke played with it all afternoon, not even knowing that it would actually work if we charged up.



He used it yesterday again and vacuumed his whole room. He was a little scared at first when it made noise, but he got over it. He cried when I told him it was time to put it away - which doesn't really mean much since he does that pretty regularly these days. I think this will be a regular weekly event from now on (the vacuuming - I hope we can quit the crying SOON).

Today I taught him how to use the feather duster.

First, the floor.


Next the buffet, inside AND out.


And the barrister's cabinet.


Yes, he cried when we put that away, too. Sigh.


MLE said...

That vacuum looks like that toy at Ikea that he loved so much! Maybe it's the pushing action that is so fascinating--at least this one has a purpose as well. Hope you can keep up this child labor!

P.S. Did you get the stuff from me yet?

KTP said...

Happy Birthday Katie!

Boy, you have a way of glossing over important things, don't you? It's hard for me to relate, considering I tell EVERYONE when my birthday is, including the whole internet and strangers and people who couldn't care less.

Gayle and Rob said...

How cute - the vacuum thing, not the crying. Remember dad's favorite phrase - "This too shall pass?" The pictures remind me of that one where bob is "helping" me clean the toilet! As I remember, he fussed when we had to put it away as well - and remember when he always used to crawl into the shower (at Rehoboth) and play with the drain and then got so mad when we hauled him out of there? Boys will be boys I guess.

Bob said...

Thanks for letting everyone know I used to play in the toilet mom... at least Luke follows in good footsteps!