Friday, September 15, 2006

Can anyone help?

Does anyone know why my profile doesn't show my blog? Usually people's profiles allow you to click a link that takes you to their blog, but my profile doesn't list any. I tried to edit my profile but it doesn't give me any options for that part. I did put a link to it as my "homepage." Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


TBG said...

You have to allow people to view it, sign into blogger, settings, basic, and select Yes for Add your Blog to our listings?

Let me know if you need any help.

Katie said...

Thanks, Kate, but that's what I did. When I went to "add blog to listings" it didn't give me any choices of blogs to add. That's why I was confused.

Tink said...

The reason your profile is scrunched up at the bottom is because something in one of your posts is too big for the frame. My guess is it's the ultrasound picture in 8/23. Or maybe the video on 9/7?