Monday, October 09, 2006

Finally . . .

Some new pictures! Tomorrow I'll try to share about my latest doctor's appointment (ugh, more bad news).

Yesterday after his nap, Alec put Luke on the couch next to Meisje with his snack and juice. It is the traditional after-nap-snack-and-veg.

Ooh, scary!

Yum, goldfish.

Ah, this is the life!

This morning I went through Luke's clothes. It's season change time and I wanted to make sure he has clothes that fit for the winter. He has ample - so many hand-me-downs! And he hasn't grown all that much from last winter. A lot of his sweaters will still fit him for a while.

While I was sorting, Luke found the tiger costume we got from a friend for him to wear for Halloween. He wore it over his jammies all morning.

Where's your tail?

Last week Alec got a small handrail to put up for Luke under the big one in the stairwell. Luke doesn't go up or down on hands and knees anymore - he HAS to hold the rail, which is way too high for him to reach and we were afraid he was going to fall. It's nice to have a handy daddy!

Apparently, this is the concentration face.

Today, we visited a friend for lunch. Luke became enamored with the soft pumpkin basket, which he cleverly turned into a hat.


MLE said...

Awesome pictures--looks like he got another hair cut recently! I love the tiger costume. Can't wait to see you guys in a week!

TBG said...

He is such an independent little boy, way to go walking down and up the stairs with the railing!

I hope all is ok!

OddMix said...

I love the handrail.

Tink said...

You have the cutest kid EVER. I will never get sick of the pictures. Especially the adorable facial expressions... and the pumpkin hat!