Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What the doctor said

Last Friday I saw another new doctor (there are 4 doctors in the practice I go to and 2 of them are new since Luke was born). This was the first appointment I'd had since the 3-hour glucose fiasco test. She was just as surprised as I was that I had passed.

When I told her about the reaction I had after the test, she said to me, "Wow. That's not a normal reaction. I really think you have regular diabetes." WHAT!?! Why not just, "Yeah, you probably have gestational diabetes anyway. Let's work on taking care of that right now and make sure you're tested again after the baby's born." Talk about added stress (which is another factor that causes blood sugar to go up, by the way). And anyway, there's no way to test her theory except AFTER the baby is born. Why give me something more to worry about?

So now I have to go see Dr. Kramer again, the perinatal specialist. Thankfully, he has a new office that is about a third of the distance the old one was. Plus, when I go to see him in 2 weeks, he'll do an ultrasound and will be able to tell the sex of the baby (I'm looking for silver linings here, folks!).

I did ask on Friday if I would have to go through the 3-hour test again and she said yes. I will talk to Dr. K about that. I've already started checked my blood 4 times a day to show him and maybe he'll say if I keep doing that I can skip the test. I'd rather have 4 finger pricks a day for the next 5 months than that crummy 3-hour test that makes me feel like crap.

So that's what I've been dealing with lately. Excuse me now, it's time for the after-lunch prick and check.


TBG said...

Oh I hope she is wrong...how frustrating!

I also hope you dont have to go through that 3 hour test again!

B said...

I know that test totally sucks, but if it gives you a diagnosis and you can move on with treatment then it probably is worth it. And the test they need to run to check you for other types of diabetes is called a hemoglobin A1C. It's a blood test that can be done on a 3 hour fast - no yucky sugar drink required. Ask if they can do it while you're still pregnant - I honestly can't remember if they do or not. Good luck!

MLE said...

Welcome to the club (sort of). I'm not to the finger pricking yet...but I'm also not having kids. I know that makes a big difference. We'll have to share recipes--I've got some good sugar-free ones and a diabetic cookbook that is delicious!