Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Getting ready

Alec took the old carpet out of our bedroom and the guest/sewing room (which will be Luke's room in a month or so). We figured this would be the last realistic chance we have to get rid of all the squeaks in the floor. With a bare wood floor now, the squeaks are really magnified.

On Monday we were done with supper pretty early so Alec went up to get some done by Luke's bedtime.

Luke has been interested in all the noise daddy makes with the screwdriver. Some boards are really noisy and Luke says they are "fweaky." He watched for a while, then retreated to an activity he prefers.

His favorite book lately is called "My Big Truck Book." Anytime we go anywhere in the car, he talks constantly about the cars and trucks he sees. This time of year the big leaf vacuums are out - those are "BIIIIIG trucks!"

Last week when it was cold Alec made the first fire of the season. I looked in the room after washing the dishes to see this:


B said...

Definitely priceless. So are you going to leave the floors upstairs that pretty wood or recover them?

Katie said...

It'll get new carpet - it's not pretty.