Monday, November 20, 2006

TWO funnies

Every time Luke sees or has two of something he announces it - "two balls," "two trucks," etc.

Funny #1
Tonight at supper Luke farted and said, "Burp."

Funny #2
Alec got a box in the mail today that had bubble wrap in it. He taught Luke how to step on it and make it pop. I went into the kitchen to fix supper and heard Alec say, "did you put the chair there?" I looked in the room to see this:


He had figured out that if he put the rocker on it and then rocked, it would pop a lot more than if he just walked on it. Lots of giggles!



Gayle and Rob said...

Funny boy - he's very intuitive and creative.

Tink said...

Smart kid!! I could never get tired of hearing these kind of stories.