Saturday, December 02, 2006


It's been busy around here. Today I took Luke to a birthday party at 10, came back and got ready for my cookie exchange party at 1, then made some chili to take to church for our Advent party at 5. I'm tired and don't want to post much, but here's a picture of Luke eating his first gingerbread man.


He's pointing to the frosting.


It had 2 mini M&Ms for eyes, which he liked ("candy"), and a red hot for a button. He looked a little surprised - never had cinnamon candy before - but he sucked in some air through his open mouth like you do when you're eating an Atomic Fireball and then crunched it with his back teeth and smiled. I think it was a hit.

And there's more dough in the fridge waiting to baked up for later! Yum.


B said...

How cute! You never know what things you look back on as "firsts". Who knows, someday when we realize his cinnamon addiction we can point to this moment...

Sharon W said...

It's always fun to open the blog and see another moment in Luke's life. Cookies are always a treat and he knows his treats.