Monday, December 25, 2006

"Mare Kissmis"

That's from Luke.

This morning Luke gave us a present: he slept in (or at least didn't make any noise) until 9 am. Then we got up and had waffles in our jammies (don't worry - no syrup for Luke to make a mess with).

After we ate, we opened stockings and presents.

Luke got a dump truck,

new jammies, 'wooden shoe' slippers, a bunch of new books,

toy tools and jigsaw,

a toy dog that sings Christmas songs,

an ABC train puzzle,

and a bunch of other stuff. Seems both grandmas had the same ideas this year. Luke got VeggieTale DVDs from Tutu and Grandma - and the same VeggieTale Christmas ornament! We'll give one to the kids we're going to visit tonight and Luke can say the other one was from both grandmas.

Alec and I got some nice things, too. My favorites were a handsewn/made book from my very creative brother (I don't dare to write in it, Bob - what should I use it for?) and <drumroll> a KitchenAid mixer from Alec! I still don't know where I'll keep it, but it will surely get used a lot so maybe I'll just leave it out on the counter. Good incentive to not let the dishes pile up!


Mom Underground said...

Ooh! A Kitchen-Aid standing mixer!! What color is it?

Katie said...

It's white - goes with everything.

B said...

I think this is the year for Kitchen Aid mixers - one of our nurses got one and one of the docs gave one to his mom! It'll be nice - i use mine all the time!

MLE said...

Yeah, I wish I had one. I don't feel I can ask for one for Christmas from any of you....but I will be getting my Master's in a bit. Anyone smell graduation present? JK

Tink said...

Crazy... Hoop's sister-in-law got a kitchen-aid mixer too. I'm glad your holiday went well. I love the Luke pictures. Your kid is so dang cute.