Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On to the next part!

Alec finished installing the cabinets in our bedroom and yesterday I moved all my sewing stuff in. There are still a few cubicles that are empty and Alec put some things in a couple, but it's good to have space left over.

Last night he did some touch up painting so the light switch way over on the right is done now, too.

Alec is almost finished with the closet as well. He hung cedar paneling on 2 walls - we have silverfish, plus it smells good (although it always reminds me of the guinea pigs we had when I was in grade school!). Last night we hung up more shelves and Alec put all his clothes on his side. Now he can get rid of his dresser - I think we'll use it for Luke until we find something else later. We ran out of brackets so one wall isn't finished yet, but today I'm moving all the clothes I can into my side.



A few nights ago we were upstairs and Luke was down, playing with his new dump truck. I went down to check on him and saw this:
He had found the styrofoam boards that are used as packing in IKEA boxes and discovered that they can be broken into tiny, tiny pieces that stick to everything with static. He was in the living room sitting on a cardboard box. He looked at me and said, "A big mess!"

Luke is only allowed to have his blankie and pacifier in his bed now. Yesterday he wanted them so I put him in his bed with a big pillow and a few books.
Kukui likes to take naps in the corner of the crib and the 2 of them just hung out in there together. It was pretty quiet so I went in to check and found this:
Luke was using him as a pillow - the cat didn't mind. They snuggled again today before nap time. I'm glad that cat is so easy-going and that Luke likes him and doesn't pester him - too much.


TBG said...

well when you need your blankie and binkie you need it!

MLE said...

The changes look great! I can't wait to see them in person when I come!

Somedays I'd like to stay in my crib with a blankie too.