Sunday, January 28, 2007


Warning! The following is a highly photo-heavy post.

Luke had his birthday on Friday. We celebrated by going to the doctor in the morning. No shots this time, but he has to go have a blood test for lead. Apparently this is a routine test given to kids this age, but I'm not looking forward to getting blood drawn from a 2-year-old. Luke was 27 pounds and 34 1/2 inches tall - 50th percentile in each category.

We let him open his presents from relatives on Thursday night since we were having guests on Friday and thought it would be a little tacky to do it in front of them.

He's starting to get the hang of opening presents.

He was a little more interested in the paper than in the new summer clothes Grandma and Grandpa sent.

He liked the new jammies - fire trucks and ambulances!

Another egg book from Grandma (she loves chickens!).

Auntie Emily's present was opened one small piece of paper at a time.

Ooh! What's in the box?

Who cares about the nice sweatshirt? There are TRUCKS in the box!

Vroom! Crash! (He later took these all to bed with him - 2 nights in a row and a nap time.)

On Thursday I had another doctor's appointment and afterward we went to Value Village, a local thrift store. There are always tons of nice things there for really cheap. It's been pretty cold lately and I discovered that the hand-me-down heavy coat Luke had was way too small. My grandma sent Luke some $$ for his birthday and he didn't need more toys so we went to look for a coat and some sweaters. I found 2 nice sweaters, a sweatshirt, some Bob the Builder overalls for next year, and a winter coat and snow pants set - all for under $20! The coat set itself was $5.45 - both pieces together! Score! Luke wore the coat to the doctor's on Friday for the first time. It's a little big, but much better than the too-small one we had.

Here's one of the new sweaters - appropriately decorated with none other than TRUCKS!

Friday night we had some friends over for supper - Mary (the church secretary whom we don't get to see as often anymore), the Brockmans (Luke's surrogate grandparents here), and our neighbors across the street. I made a fire truck birthday cake. Here's a family picture before we cut into it (I'm not very photogenic lately - excuse the fat rolls on my back and the stringy hair - nothing I can do about it right now).


Luke was actually more enthused with the giant "pres-tal" rods that made the ladder than with the cake.

I like this picture. He looks like a little angelic Raggedy Andy.


KTP said...

Happy Birthday to Luke! He has grown so quickly. I am impressed with your cake - but did you even get to eat any of it?

Katie said...

I ate a small piece after I checked my sugar an hour later. It was OK - not chocolate so I'm not in a hurry to polish it off now either!

TBG said...

Happy Birthday Luke! 2 years old already what a big boy!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Luke!!! I loved the last picture! Looks like he had a great day and by the way, I was seriously impressed with the fire engine cake!