Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The last week

I guess it's time for an update.

Last Saturday Luke ate lunch while playing with his new trucks from Aunt Emily. He enjoyed putting pieces of cheese or grapes into the dump truck and calling them dirt.

He also lined up a whole bunch of grapes and pushed them with the bulldozer, but then he ate them so fast I couldn't get a picture. There was only one grape left.

It snowed last night. Luke and I needed to go to the pet store, grocery store, and library so I bundled him up in his new snow pants. He liked them, just not getting his picture taken (remember - he just wants to look at pictures on the camera, not pose for it).

When we got home, I let him walk around in the snow for a bit. The sun had come out and it wasn't as cold as when we left. Good thing, too, since every time we get in the car now he pulls his hat and mittens off and says, "I don't want it."

In other news . . .

I went to the diabetes doctor again yesterday. Luke came with me and sat nicely eating his lunch and looking at books. Dr. Kramer said everything looks great. The baby is completely head down now - he said to try and keep it in a few more weeks. He also said it is patients like me that he's really glad for this new medication. Three years ago I would have had to shoot myself with insulin 4 times a day - makes me glad, too!

The baby has definitely dropped. I feel like I'm waddling, but at least there isn't so much pressure on my rib cage anymore. Now there's just pain a little lower (use your imagination, it's probably right). My hips are also hurting a lot more when I sleep - I think last night I had to turn over every 1/2 hour (sorry, Alec!).

Alec's mom and dad have booked a flight and will come mid-April. Some friends are having a shower for me on the 14th and I thought it would be nice for Sharon to be there. My mom came up for Luke's shower, so now it's the other grandma's turn.

We put up the wallpaper border in Luke's room a few nights ago. It looks nice and Luke likes it. Now Alec is working on the baseboards and door.

Luke has been throwing some massive fits lately. It's exhausting. The gist of it is that he'll cry and cry, repeating something he wants but when you finally give it to him, he throws it back at you. He has been hitting and kicking in anger a lot, too. It's frustrating to know what to do. Time-outs only bring more hitting and sometimes when he gets so worked up he just can't calm himself down. Two nights ago we put him in his bed and let him cry when he threw one during the bedtime routine. We finally went in and he calmed down slowly. Last night it happened during supper and finally he calmed down - and then promptly scarfed down all his supper, even though it was cold. I think he might be going through a growth spurt. He's been sleeping a lot and eating a lot. Tonight I made sure to give him a snack when he woke up from his (3-hour!) nap and he did fine at supper and bedtime. I think we'll just have to be a little more rigid with bedtime and see if that helps. I just hope he can transfer to his new bed and room OK if he's going through some changes of his own.

Well, time to go watch the new episode of "Lost."


TBG said...

Luke is getting so big!

What great friends you have throwing you a girl shower! that is very nice!

B said...

Yeah about the meds working, boo for the meltdowns. The 3-year-old kid I babysit has daily meltdowns - makes me glad I'm not there everyday! Just think, Luke will be over that stage by the time the next one is starting it! Sorry, not being very helpful there am I. Anyway, you're doing a great job with him - don't give up!

Mom Underground said...

Gabe throws those same fits of wanting something, then changing his mind, then changing it again, then again ... and hollering about it the entire time.


They're lucky they're cute.

KTP said...

Kyle's up to that, too. I thought it was just him. Now I guess it's universal?