Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ahhh . . . now I can relax a little

As I am typing, 2 men are in my upstairs installing new carpet. FINALLY. Now after today we can move Luke into his new room and I can switch clothes into the proper dressers and rooms. And the baby can feel free to make her appearance.

I'm hoping she's getting ready. I haven't felt nearly as much movement today as I normally do. It's making me a little nervous and I've been counting every few hours just to make sure it's still OK. Perhaps she's just so far down and squished she can't move much. I see my OB tomorrow so we'll make sure everything is alright.

I'm not so worried about Luke adapting to the new room anymore. This kid can sleep anywhere, through anything. He's in the pack & play in the family room today. He went right down without a fuss (he hasn't slept in there for at least a year), and fell right asleep, despite lots of noise coming from upstairs and 2 cats locked in the room with him (one of them crying by the door for about 20 minutes). It helps that he has a few things he's attached to that help him feel comfortable in another bed. I'm hoping this will help him, too, if he needs to sleep at someone else's house for a night or 2 next week.

He's almost too small to sleep in there, but really cute.

I've been sewing curtains most of the morning. I finished curtains for Luke's 2 windows and now am working on long curtains for the closet. We're not putting back up those crappy sliding doors that fall off the tracks all the time! I'll put some pictures up of Luke's new room after we get some things moved in there later. I don't think I've shown any yet of the new paint and wallpaper border, but it's pretty cute - and VERY bright!

Here are a few pictures of the backyard that I didn't get up last week. I wrote a whole post out and then stupidly hit the "close" button and lost everything - didn't feel like re-doing it right then.

These were taken at noon Sunday, 1:00 and 2:00. If you have trouble seeing any difference, look at the bird feeder and bath.

Here's one of the front door at noon (when it had only been snowing for about 2 hours).

Today it's in the 50s and most of the snow is gone, but it sure was fun to watch how hard and fast it came down. We had church services, but Sunday School was cancelled. The roads were very slippery and I drove home pretty slowly. Thankfully, there were not many other cars out on the road.

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