Friday, March 02, 2007

No problem (kind of)

Today Luke is taking a nap in his new room and bed. I waited until almost 2:30 so he was good and tired (nap time is usually 2:00 and he's always ready to climb into bed by then). He got up once and said, "I wake up now," but I put him back in and he went right to sleep. I hope that's all it'll take!

Remember "Big boy in a little bed?" Now the picture looks like "little boy in a big bed."

We have a bed rail that I tried to put together, but the stupid thing is so tight I couldn't put the last screw in. I'll let Alec do it tonight. So far, I haven't heard any bumps of little people falling out of bed. Here's a closer picture of the sleeping beauty:

Like the paint job and wallpaper?

Here are some pictures of the new carpet. At last! It is so quiet up there now - I love it!

The stairwell:

The closet (my side):

Alec's side:

Our room - even the cats like it!
The vacuum is there because carpet is very messy to put in. I've already changed the vacuum bag since it was so full of little fibers. I still need to do the stairs but I'm waiting until Luke gets up.

I already took out all of Luke's clothes from the dresser and will put them in his new one later. I filled the nursery dresser with baby clothes - no more boxes and bags and I feel a lot more ready.

Speaking of ready, I saw my OB again today. She scheduled an induction for 2 weeks from today, the 16th, but then told me she didn't think I would make it to then. I am just over 2 cm dilated (up from 0 in one week's time is pretty good for week 37, I guess) and I have been having a lot more and stronger contractions. Last night they hurt quite a bit. She said she was sorry to rejoice in my discomfort but that was great news.


B said...

Luke's room looks so great! You think he looks big in the crib, but in that bed you realize he's still just a little boy. I love the colors. And it'll be nice to have the rooms in order for the new baby! Hope you're comfortable.

Gayle and Rob said...

Love the room!! Looks like Luke will make a fine transition.

Shirley & Paul said...

Looks like you are really organized and waiting for the new arrival. You seem to have lots of organizational skills like your Mom.
We pray that all goes well!

MLE said...

Love the room, love the boy, love the new carpet. Can't wait to see all that and the new one in a few weeks!