Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is this the picture of relaxed or what?

Today I thought I heard Luke waking up so I went up to his room. He was still fast asleep and, as I watched, he put his foot up on his knee and his hand behind his head. He often lays this way when we change his diaper, as if he is totally relaxed and cool.

I quickly ran downstairs to get the camera so you could catch some relaxation vibes, too. Goodness knows I could use some - I'm wound pretty tight right now.

It's pretty cold today, but his room is VERY warm, especially with the vent right behind his head. He has never tried to take off his diaper or I would have put pants on him.


KTP said...

I hope you are okay! I've been thinking about you!

Thanks for sharing all the cute pics.

MLE said...

I could use some of his vibes! I haven't slep well in days, and the cough syrup with codine I got from the doc yesterday backfired--it kept me awake! I'm on antibiotics finally--because I got yet another strain of crud and I'm so sick of being sick! I have to get better before coming out and seeing the new baby!

Katie said...

Yes, you do!