Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mommy's Helper

Here's a little movie of Luke helping entertain Erin.

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And some pictures of what she thinks of his entertainment.

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She's surprisingly happy today -- she hasn't pooped since Sunday! I'm getting a little nervous, but we go to the doctor tomorrow.

And by the way, if you haven't seen Stranger Than Fiction yet, go rent it this weekend. Turns out Will Farrell is a pretty decent serious actor.


MLE said...

Oh, so much to comment on. First, I LOVE Stranger than Fiction. Have seen it 4 times already, and hope to own it soon! I may even write my thesis on it, if I end up having to write a thesis.
Second, what an adorable and happy baby! And, don't worry about the pooping. Since she seems to resemble her Auntie Em in so many other ways, perhaps the inconsistent bowels come along as well. I don't think I've pooped since Sunday either.

MLE said...

And I almost forgot...that little man of yours is so durn tootin' cute as well! What a loving older brother!

Mom Underground said...

I love the video. These younger siblings put up with A LOT of "attention" and "love" ... it's fun to watch. Sometimes it's the only entertainment we get over here. :)

Gayle and Rob said...

OK, y'all...TMI on the bowels! Cute video and pictures! Love the way Luke interacts with his sister.

Bob said...

Stranger Than Fiction = my favorite movie
Seriously, I don't think I have seen a better movie in a long time... it was just amazing... he gave her flours!!!!

B said...

Well I have yet to see Stranger than Fiction, but since all y'all have so highly recommended it I just might have to! And those are some pretty cute pictures. I had lunch with my friend yesterday who had her baby on March 11 too, and he's quite the chunker. Only 3 pounds lighter than Joshua! But very cute.