Friday, May 11, 2007

Two month review

Today Erin is 2 months old. I took her to the doctor this morning for her check-up and shots. She is 13 lbs. 14 oz. (only 2 oz. more than Luke at this age) and 23" long (the same as Luke). She got four shots and an oral rotavirus medication. The doctor also recommended 1 ounce of apple/prune juice twice a day and said glycerin suppositories were safe for the little problem I mentioned before. It worked, but not without a lot of writhing and red-faced crying - and clothing changes for both Erin AND myself (don't ask). She slept for most of the afternoon - I'm assuming it was because of the vaccinations. She was also pretty hot, which could have been a low fever (I don't know - I wasn't about to take her temperature because of the aforementioned problem) from the shots or just because it was pretty warm today and she slept on me.

Some things she's been doing lately:
* has started making noises other than grunting; I think I heard a kind of "goo goo" noise the other day
* blows bubbles and drools; I have to put a bib on her often
* sleeps longer at night; the other night for a 6-hour stretch!
* still is generally very happy; smiles at people and laughs even when she's uncomfortable

No new pictures, but tomorrow we're going to a party so maybe I'll have some after that.

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B said...

I'm glad she's getting over that problem. And glad I could give you a little advice - can't tell you how many kids I see in the ER for that same thing!