Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Sunday was Alec's birthday. He celebrated by relaxing and reading with Luke.

Today I noticed for the second time that Erin has finally found her fingers. Instead of noisily trying to suck on her closed fist, she has decided to suck her middle and ring fingers. Yesterday it was her left hand, today the right - but both times the same 2 fingers. It's pretty cute because her pointer finger ends up next to her nose and her pinkie goes down next to her mouth.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. It is nice not to have to put the pacifier in when she's trying to calm herself down to go to sleep, but little kids' fingers get so dirty! I'd rather have her be attached to the pacifier than sticking her fingers in her mouth.

Luke's favorite outdoor pasttime lately is digging. On grocery store day for the past few weeks, he asks if he can go in the backyard and dig when we get home - "I dig dirt, mom." It's nice that he's independent and trustworthy enough to let him play for a few minutes while I unload the groceries and feed Erin.
He uses a small bucket and a transplanting trowel - just his size! Sometimes, like today, he uses his dump truck instead. A boy's gotta have a truck for hauling dirt.

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MLE said...

It is so nice that he plays by himself like that and you don't have to worry. Is he willing to touch the worms yet? Maybe I'll have to work on that with him again this summer!