Saturday, May 26, 2007

Splish Splash (x2)

First, here's the picture of Erin asleep on the baby mat (check out the nice roll of fat in her armpit!).


X marks the spot.



Yesterday Luke had a blast playing in the backyard pool and sprinkler with some of his friends.


They didn't really play in the sprinkler that much, so this is the only picture I got of Luke running in it (or away from it).


They had popsicles. Luke calls them "papa-sicles."


And they got really cold.


Here's a little video of Luke and his friend eating their popsicles. At about 8 seconds into it, they start having a little spitting contest and Luke dips his into the pool and then continues eating it.

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Here's another. Luke grabbed another popsicle when I wasn't looking so that's why he has a whole one again. You can see how much he was shivering. And how peacefully Erin was sleeping in the stroller.

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The reason I titled this "x2" is because today we went to a little farewell brunch for some friends that are moving away next week. A lot of our church friends were there and the kids all played in the water again since it's so hot out.


Luke gets a little quiet and intimidated when there are so many people around. That's why he's standing on the edge and just kind of watching. A lot of times at things like these I'll find him in another room playing by himself after it gets to be too much for him.

Here's a picture of Erin (11 weeks old tomorrow) and another baby from church (who is 9 months old). They wear the same size clothing and weigh almost the same - I think Erin might actually be heavier. This baby's mother is 4' 11" and her dad is about as tall as I am.


Proof that she isn't always asleep.


Nice double chin, eh?


A last picture of Meisje enjoying the open windows - a short-lived pleasure since we just closed up the house to turn on the AC. Yuck. I hate this season of closed-up house.


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B said...

What fun! Today Jessica and Benjamin and I dipped our feet in the pool after our walk - it was really nice out! I remember being in the pool with you and Em in NM and trying to get the cat to come in with us. What a long time ago...