Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I did it!

Luke ate a whole thing of yogurt by himself today, a first for him.


He has a big glob on his forehead because he thought he could drink the rest out like when he finishes fruit or cereal in a bowl and drinks the juice.




He wasn't mad, he just thinks he has to say "cheese" every time the camera's out and that's what he ends up looking like.


Bob said...

Very cool! what a big guy! Oh and thanks for the photo of the two kiddos together that I got in the mail, very cute together!

Sharon said...

How cute can a kid get!! Looks like he enjoys his food a great deal. I've been enjoying Activa yogurt quite a bit and today I made chicken/waldorf salad and used the vanilly yogurt for my dressing. Made the mistake of putting it on Sandy's too -- he may not like that. Waldorf salad is his favorite so maybe I'll get by with the 'oops'. Hug everyone, please. Sharon

Tink said...

He's getting so big! What a cutie.