Saturday, June 02, 2007

I tried . . .

but it's futile. I think we have a finger sucker. I tried to get her not to, but she soothed herself to sleep after spitting out the pacifier (yay!). I'll worry about dirty toddler fingers later if I have to.


Luke had another fun afternoon in the pool while Alec trimmed the hedge in the backyard. The next 4 pictures were taken all in a row. When he was done, he said, "Whee! That fun, mom!"

"Raisin fingers, mom!"


Gayle and Rob said...

But she's so cute!!! Your finger sucking brother and sister needed small tooth/jaw realignment, but I don't think it was the finger sucking that did it. Beth's was more of a jaw thing, and Bob just had the spaceing between the two front teeth - no bucky beaver type thing because of finger sucking. Looks like your weather is warm - Denver is sunny - starts out around 52 in the morning, but warms up into the 70s in the afternoon.

B said...

Nothing says summer like raisin fingers from the pool!

Sharon said...

Alec spit his pacifier out from 2 weeks on and wouldn't use anything but his fingers and thumb for comfort. Loved the picture of the 2 in the yellow pjs. Sharon