Sunday, June 03, 2007

One from the vault

Here's an old picture of Luke when he was almost exactly the same age as Erin is now.

Here's a picture I took of Erin tonight.

She doesn't sit as still as he does, but the similarities are still there. Same pudgy tummy, same button nose, same hair and chubby cheeks - same clothes! I think their eyes are a little different, as well as the shapes of their mouths and heads. It's fun to see resemblances, but also how they are different.


The big news of the night was that Luke pooped on the potty chair! He had already started in the diaper so we quick ran him to the bathroom where he finished. He seemed pretty pleased with himself, but we'll see if he wants to do it again. Tomorrow I'll get him some Skittles to keep as incentives - he'll do anything for a treat.

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Joy said...

We would love to see you all in August. I'm sure that Luke and Isaac would have fun together!