Monday, June 18, 2007

Nice New Fence

That's what Luke says when he looks at the new fence we got on Thursday. It was a bit of a production, done in one day, and we still have some beefs to settle with the company that put it up incorrectly, but that's another story I don't care to repeat. Here are some pictures of what happened.

By about 8:30 they had the old fence down already and were starting to put up the fenceposts.

(Stack of old fence sections.)

Neighbor's house before and after:

Back door gate before and after:

Back fence in 3 stages:

If I don't think about the things that are wrong with it (the things you all can't see) it looks pretty good!

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MLE said...

OOoh! I love it! How nice to have a working gate by the back door so you can more easily close it with the kids around! I really like the detailing along the top as well. It really starts to make your back yard look put together! Nice new fence!