Monday, June 18, 2007


That is how Luke says "Grandma and Grandpa." Sometimes he just calls them both Grandpa, even though he knows the difference. Here are a few pictures to recap the week - if you want more go to my parents' blog in a few days and check to see their pictures.

Luke and Grandma reading in his book corner:

Grandpa and droolie:

Grandpa feeding Luke with the fork he got when he was born 56 years ago:

Erin was baptized Sunday. We are here with our pastor, who is moving to Miami in August (wah!). Erin wore a smocked dress and bonnet that mom made 20 years ago and never gave to anyone. It JUST fit.

Our annual Father's Day family picture:

And my favorite picture of the weekend:

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MLE said...

What a good looking family! I'm starting to count the days till I see droolie and bro again!