Thursday, July 19, 2007

A few quick pics before I hit the sack

Sunday Erin tried the "Jumpster" for the first time.


I think she liked it.


Luke thinks it's funny to make chipmunk cheeks with grapes. I guess he's right.


Erin is grabbing things now. Of course, everything goes straight into the mouth.




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MLE said...

What huge bright eyes you have, Smiley Maile!
Interesting bit of pop culture fact: Mailey Cyrus, of Hannah Montana singing fame and daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, has the actual name of Destiny. However, because she was so smiley as a child, they called her "Smiley", later shortening it to "Miley," the now famous name that is causing young teens around the world to put that name at the top of their "future baby name" list. You, Casa de Agua, are very trendy!