Monday, July 23, 2007

More Random Pictures

I'm not feeling especially creative in my posting lately. Just thought I'd pass on a few more pictures from the past week.

Thursday we had Auntie Mary over for supper. She read a few books to Luke before bedtime.

He spilled curry on his shirt at supper, which is why he's bare chested. I always think he looks so skinny without a shirt on.

Erin got a keiki quilt from Alec's aunt this week (keiki means child). I love it! It has the ABCs and each has a picture that starts with that letter and is Hawaii-related (most of them - I'm pretty sure zebras aren't native to Hawaii). It has her name and birthdate embroidered in the corners.

I wanted a picture so you could see how Erin's hair is coming in blond but the lighting just wasn't right. All you can really see is how bald she is and the bug bites on her cheek.
It's hard to take pictures of a baby on your lap - especially when she likes to grab and chew anything in reach.
And I'll keep this picture and haul it out when she's 13 and complaining about her hair. That should put things into perspective (then again, not many 13-year-old girls I know have the gift of perspective).


Gayle and Rob said...

I'm just curious about the quilt. Is it handmade? Printed panels? Looks so cute.

Tink said...

Awww. Lovin her wild hair.