Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hap Birt, Lu

Luke is now officially 2 1/2. Today we're having friends over for supper and I made a half birthday cake. It was really just an excuse to make chocolate cake.

On Thursday, Luke read a story to Kukui while he was eating.

Yesterday, he took a MORNING nap. He had soaked his bed so all the linens were in the wash. He fell asleep on the big pillows in his book corner - with a "Where's Waldo" book on his chest.
Turns out, he probably had a virus. We went to the doctor in the afternoon (2 1/2 for Luke, 4 months for Erin) and he had to have a throat culture. It was negative, but the doctor said it probably explains why he's been so ornery and tired with no appetite lately. He said June and July are big virus months.

Luke is 37 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds.
Erin is 26 inches tall/long and weighs a whopping 17 pounds 4 ounces (Luke was 16 lbs. 10 oz at 4 months, but Erin is technically 4 1/2 months so maybe that's the difference).

Today she got cereal for the first time. The doctor said to skip the rice cereal since she is already so irregular. I got a mixed grain that has some rice in it but also barley and oatmeal. I mixed it with some prune juice but she didn't seem to mind.
Here's a little photo collage of her enjoying it.
She was pretty cute - kept reaching her arms out for the bowl. She doesn't open her mouth very wide yet, but she did know how to swallow it down and sort of chew. I figured she was done when she stuck her fingers in her mouth. That usually means she's ready for a nap.


MLE said...

Yeah Erin! I can't wait to help feed her in a few weeks! She's looking so good, and I'm glad Luke is educating your cats.

Anne said...

She's so adorable! I love the 4-10 month stage. They're rollie pollie (however you spell that), their personalities emerge and they can't run away from you. :)