Monday, July 30, 2007

Tidy Cat

This morning I came downstairs to find this:
I think it was cool and just the right size.

Speaking of cool, last night Luke ate all his supper so he had a popsicle for dessert.

Speaking of yum, Erin is loving cereal! Today was the third day I gave her some. I've been making it a little thicker each time and today it was about the same consistency as applesauce. She cleaned the bowl. The problem I'm having with her is that she wants to grab the spoon all the time and it makes a mess. Oh well, she's a baby - I guess that's to be expected.

Speaking of expecting, . . .

Just kidding.


Tink said...

Forget the bird bath. Maybe I need to invest in a kitty one. :)

MLE said...

Very funny on that last line -- my heart skipped a beat even though I knew it was a joke. Cruel.