Monday, August 06, 2007

Erin's new trick

I feel like I've been training a dog all week. "Roll over, roll over!" Erin was so close to doing it so I tried to help her out last week since she would get frustrated that she couldn't get all the way over. A friend from church who is an occupational therapist had shown me a little trick to help her learn to free the arm that gets caught underneath and it seemed to be working. Then, last night I was getting some supper ready for Luke and Alec hollered from the other room, "Look what Erin just did!" I missed it and so did Alec - he had turned around to help Luke put some toys away. Here's what we saw:


She looks kind of surprised, but she was pretty pleased with herself.

The trouble now is she doesn't like to be on her tummy for long and she hasn't learned how to roll back yet. Last night we put her to bed and had to go up again 15 minutes later to roll her over. Plus, for the first time in 2 months she woke up at 3am for a feeding. I remember when Luke was learning new skills his sleep would get all messed up, too. I hope this doesn't last long because I'm really not used to it anymore - I've been spoiled!

Here's a short little video of her rolling this morning. She's actually very quick - took Luke a long time to get this good but he also did it a couple weeks earlier than Erin so I guess it evens out.

Here's the video of Luke eating his oatmeal I told you about the other day. I uploaded it on YouTube since DropShots doesn't work on my computer anymore for some reason. I hope this works.

Some notes:
* Right before he took a drink, I told him to take another bite - notice the look he gave me? It was a "No, I'll do what I want first" look. He deliberately took a long drink. This is what I deal with EVERY meal time.
* Right AFTER he takes a drink, he says "I take another bite." Like it was his own idea.
* He pulls everything closer because we're working on leaning over. Also holding the spoon flat, which he didn't do at first.
* I have no idea what he is saying at the end. I dare you to try to figure it out. Remember, he substitutes an F sound for TH, can't say L or R and pretty much mumbles all the time.


Gayle and Rob said...

We couldn't get any sound but the videos were fun to watch. Luke is using his left hand -- is that typical? Love the surprised look on Erin's face when she rolls over!

Katie said...

They were soundless videos - I was daring you to lipread a kid who can't talk right. And yes, Luke is a lefty.

Joy said...

For some reason I'm not able to e-mail you back my response to what night it works to get together, so I'll just leave it here. Wednesday the 15th works for us. We'll plan on you after dinner. Let me know if anything changes. See you soon!