Friday, August 10, 2007

In the News

This was last night's front page of our little weekly community newspaper. If you want to see the whole story and a better picture, you can go here.

That little pinwheel has been the new favorite toy since then. It's made of plastic so it's not easily breakable and has the Target logo all over - probably a freebie promotion. The little boys in the picture were holding them in front of a giant fan. It was 102 on Tuesday - at 11 when we were watching the news it was still 89 and felt like 98 because of the humidity. Blech. We were hoping the humidity would break with a storm that passed through last night but it only made things worse.

In several ways.

Now it is more humid.

And all flights in or out of Detroit last night were cancelled. Including our 7:30 flight this morning. Which we didn't find out about until waking up at 4:30, riding the Metro in to National, taking a shuttle to the far concourse and seeing the line out the door. I know it is atypical for me to write like this, but all I could think upon seeing that line was, "Aw shit." And that pretty much summed it up. There was a nice man going up and down the line passing out little flyers with the Northwest 800 number and telling people that their best bet was to reschedule for Sunday.

It's Friday people! And Alec was only planning on staying a few days and COMING BACK on Sunday! I started to cry and Alec called the number. We were rescheduled for tomorrow, but we have to go all the way out to Dulles to catch the 12:40 flight to Detroit.

At least we don't have to get up at 4:30 again.


B said...

How frustrating! I've heard lots of bad airline stories this summer - I guess they've been cutting back a lot of flights for some reason. And then you add bad weather! Yuck. Hopefully you get there on time tomorrow. I talked to Grandma the other day and she can't wait to see you!

Sharon said...

Just home from our 4 week jaunt and it's so much fun catching up with the news and seeing all of the new pictures. We weren't able to get the computer to kick in after Kauai during the first stop. So, we are really behind. I can empathize with you about the airlines. We had a cancelled flight out of Chicago to Kauai. Finally got to SF, to have the HI plane in trouble -- another 3 hour wait. By the time we checked into the hotel on Kauai we had been up 23 hours. We were exhausted but didn't have 2 small ones to entertain. Glad you made it ok -- David says you were due home Tues. Hugs for all of you.

KTP said...

We just traveled with the kids too. No fun!

I just caught up with your blog and I am loving all the pictures and videos! Looks like this was a bumper crop of big babies!

Bob said...

Katie, I'm trying to email you a response to my lack of response on your comment, but my email got returned... what's your email again?? Just email me and I'll reforward what I wrote!