Friday, September 14, 2007


I feel sufficiently guilty for not posting pictures for so long so here are a bunch of boring ones from lunch yesterday.



No teeth yet!

Starin' Erin.


"I do a funny one."


"I lean over." #258

Did you know that you can write on skin with Crayola crayons? Luke did.



Man. I go answer the phone and come back 2 minutes later to this.

Today Erin got a new car seat. She is too heavy for me to carry anymore in the infant carrier - I have bruises on my right leg from that awkward evil handy contraption. Since she is sitting now and doesn't like to be in the infant carrier for long anyway, we decided to go ahead and get another like Luke's. He's not big enough for a booster with just the seatbelt and hopefully the one he has will last him for several more years.

While I was at Babies R Us anyway, I got a bath seat for Erin. Luke is always wanting to get in the tub with her and now she can sit up so I figured, why not? Tonight they took their first bath together.

Strategically placed Q.


The seat has a padded armrest. I could have lived without it, but it was the only one they had and it does fold up. One note though if you are thinking of buying this - if you have an older house measure your tub width first. This almost doesn't fit on ours.


MLE said...

I don't care if you think of these as boring pictures. They may be time #598 to you, bit it's a first for me and I love it! And, I laughed and smiled at these pictures--exactly what I needed after a very hard day today!

Gayle and Rob said...

Ditto on Emily's comments - not so much the hard day part - but the love the pictures part. My days aren't hard, just long and full and tiring. In fact it's Sat. and I've been at school for 4 hours and stil don't feel caught up sufficiently.

chichimama said...

They are so cute!!! I can't believe it took you this long to delurk!

And I loved that seat. Even though it only fit on the wrong tub, and it was a bit tenuous at best...

KTP said...

squee! I love these pictures!