Friday, October 19, 2007

Ferberize this

A few minutes ago I was in the kitchen baking cookies and washing dishes. I heard Erin begin to make some waking up noises and I got frustrated because she had only slept for about an hour so far. I decided to leave her for a bit in case she was doing her middle-of-the-nap-fuss that she usually does. After about a minute or two I started hearing music - she had turned on her mobile by herself. A few minutes later it was quiet except for the music, and I knew she was asleep again.

The experts talk about babies learning how to "self-soothe." Remember Robert DeNiro in "Meet the Fockers" trying to "Ferberize" Little Jack? I bet the "experts" didn't expect a 7-month-old could turn music on to get herself back to sleep! Yay Erin!

And by the way, it is October 19, 79 degress with 74% humidity and I am in shorts and sweating. And I DON'T live in Florida or Southern California!

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KTP said...

In SoCal you need a fire retardant Hazmat suit.

We Ferberized Brady and Kyle and it was the best thing we ever did!