Thursday, October 25, 2007

First Haircut

When Beth was here, she made me realize that Erin really did need a trim. It was looking pretty mohawk-y and was hanging in her eyes. Not cute.


Erin does not sit still for a minute. Ever. She is one of the wiggliest little girls I have known. I think I will be enrolling her in swimming and gymnastics classes as soon as possible. It's near impossible to change her diapers now that she can roll over. It was a good thing there weren't too many hairs we had to cut because she just wanted to grab the comb and scissors the whole time. All this to explain why the next picture is so blurry (well, that and Beth forgot to use the flash).



Much better!


Even babies have bad pictures.


MLE said...

Ok, I like the evened out look, but please promise that you'll let her hair grow long like a little girl's should! Even if it's thick like mine! :) I love little girls' hair.

Gayle and Rob said...

Oh my, did I laugh at that last one! You may call it a bad picture, but I think it's precious. It's also the first time I've seem some resemblance to Luke - not the silliness, but the shape of the mouth.