Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On the move

I predict that by next week Erin will be crawling. She has started to go up on her knees and is sort of doing the "commando" crawl right now.

Here's a little video of her last night trying to get what she wanted. I uploaded it on DropShots, but for some reason it won't let me get a link to put directly here. So
here is a link to the page and you can use the guest password, lukerin.

Erin is also starting to eat some new solid foods. She likes Cheerios and the Gerber puffs. Yesterday I gave her some little pieces of animal cracker (the Costco kind are not very hard so they melt a little) and she loved those. It's nice to be able to give her something when I'm trying to get dinner ready.

More, please!

Got that pincer grasp down pretty well.

Even though she picks them up with thumb and forefinger, the whole fist is involved in putting them in her mouth.

Teeth! Look carefully - they're there. Two on the bottom.

She likes the toys, but mostly she just jumps a lot when she's in this saucer. Good thing, too, since the toys don't stay on the tray for long!


Gayle and Rob said...

Loved Erin's hat in the video! Sure am looking forward to seeing you and yours in 10 days!

chichimama said...

I love the commando crawl...and I love your pics! So fun...

MLE said...

How precious! I miss them so much, and it's amazing how much she is changing. She's going to be walking by the time I see her next! Kisses to both for me.

B said...

Dang that kid is cute. She looks so grown up in that sweater, too. Her "twin" out here (Benjamin) is doing the "wounded soldier" crawl as his dad calls it. Pretty amazing how fast they grow!

Sharon said...

What a cute video. It will be fun to see what she does with sand in Dec. Time is going quickly and we are excited about Christmas.

KTP said...

Both of our kids are right behind your kids. Brady jumps around in his exersaucer and Kyle has that napping spottiness that puts fear in the hearts of mothers. Hold me.