Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Mom, I'm sitting in a red caboose!"

While I was getting our lunch ready today, Luke made a train. With all the dining chairs.



I'm not really sure which direction it's going in, but I guess he's sitting in the caboose.


chichimama said...

I love the chairs! And that is so cute.

Aunt Cindy said...

Katie, I haven't been to your blog in awhile...have you seen recent pics of Nick and Julie's Eva (see my most recent xanga)...well I think Eva and Erin could be twins...at least sisters!...they have a lot of features in common. Have a fun Thanksgiving with your family!

KTP said...

Katie, that is so funny. Kyle does the same thing with our kitchen chairs. He says "Mommy, can you ride the train wif me?"