Thursday, December 06, 2007


It's the game I'm playing with this very picture heavy post. Some of these pictures go back to Thanksgiving when mom and dad were here. The last ones were taken today. (Apology in advance: I forgot to edit all the red-eye out before uploading them to Flickr.)

Luke completed his chore chart so we took a picture and threw it away.

Luke playing piano with Grandpa. I'm pretty sure there's a picture on this blog somewhere of him playing with Grandma - maybe even last Thanksgiving.

Favorite activity with anyone.

Since it was 70 degrees out the day before Thanksgiving, we raked the mountain of leaves that we had. Of course, the yard was already covered again by that evening . . .

This picture reminds me to tell you all that we were trying to potty train Luke this week (Thanksgiving week - the sweat pants reminded me of that). We've since backed off. No sense killing myself over it when we're just going on a 2 week trip in 2 weeks anyway.

Very sleepy girl!
Cried immediately after this was taken.
Mom and Dad were loving the leaves. Not much color in Orlando!


Thanksgiving day, falling asleep in the chair.

Luke vegging in front of the football game. Wouldn't even turn around to smile, the stinker.

Now we're getting a little more up to date.
We bought a booster seat for Luke so we won't have to take his giant carseat on the airplane when we fly to Hawaii. Of course he played with the box. Alec cut out 3 holes on Monday night and Luke has been wearing it and calling himself Boxy the Robot.

The first article of clothing I made for Erin - the jumper. The tights don't exactly match, but it was all I had that was close.

And finally, today. Erin is so much like Luke. I think there is another picture on this blog somewhere of him doing something similar.
And, just like he was, she is very content to play in her room by herself while we are upstairs. Every now and then she'll crawl into Luke's room and bother him, or come into my room where I am sewing and try to pull things off the shelves.
Erin has been doing the "wounded soldier" crawl for a while now. Yesterday I saw her do a true crawl so I got a little (soundless) video of her doing it today. Here's a link to it - you can see her doing both kinds of crawl and getting into lots of trouble, which Luke quickly gets her out of. Use the guest password lukerin.

And then there's my other kid, Linus.

It snowed all day yesterday. Luke and I went out yesterday afternoon and played. By the time Alec got home our footprints were mostly covered up again. So, of course we had to go out again today and make more!
Pools are not just for summer fun!

Whew! I'm exhausted. And now it's dark outside so I guess I should get supper going. I'll try not to wait so long to post again. Maybe.


aunt cindy said...

I loved seeing the transition from warm fall and leaves to the same yard in winter snow...and the video was so fun! what cuties.

Gayle and Rob said...

Thank you, thank you, I needed another picture fix! and congratulations, Erin. That was a real crawl!

MLE said...

Thank you! Love seeing the update and getting my fix. Luke's creativity with Boxy the Robot could rival some of my seniors!

chichimama said...

Great pics!