Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nine Months

Erin has now been outside of me longer than she was inside. Somehow the 2 lengths of time don't seem the same but I can't decide which one seems longer to me.

Today she had her 9-month check-up. She is 29 inches long and weighs 23 pounds! That's actually less than what I predicted to the nurse, but still. That's a big kid. Luke was the same length but only 20 pounds at this age. He didn't weigh 23 pounds until almost 18 months!

After the doctor we had a few errands to run and she did really well, even after getting 2 shots first. She fell asleep on the way home, though, and looked so cute I ran inside for the camera first before getting her out. I accidentally deleted one of the pictures, but you can see her mouth and head tilt better in this one anyway.


This afternoon I was sewing in my room and Erin was playing in her room. It was getting late so I woke Luke up and then Erin crawled over into my room. She went over to this little box that Alec uses for a bedside table. It has a little hinged clasp that the kids like to play with. I had to move his remotes and clock off the box so she wouldn't mess with them but she was pretty interested in his water bottle, which was out of reach. I watched her go up on her knees to reach it and turned around to sew some more thinking, "she can't stand up yet so she's OK." When I turned around again there she was, standing. She looked pretty pleased with herself. I ran downstairs to get the camera and record the first time she stood up by herself, but of course, the minute I got there she fell over. Thankfully she didn't hit anything but she cried a little because she was so startled.

Let the bumps and bruises begin.

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