Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Tragedy

This morning Luke and I were in the kitchen getting some breakfast when we heard a terrific clatter in the living room. Kukui, who is usually uncannily sure-footed, had jumped onto the top of the piano and knocked over some pieces of my Nativity set. When we ran to investigate, we found that a sheep had lost it's ear and one poor wiseguy lost his head as well as his gift and hands.


Thankfully, Krazy Glue really is crazy and sets in about 30 seconds. The sheep and wise man are back on the piano where they belong, adoring the Baby Jesus in the manger.



MLE said...

Hey! I've just gotten the same set -- I didn't know you had this one. So far I'm only at the basic set without the creche, but I hope to add on to the collection. Next year maybe the extra shepherds and the creche, then move on to the wise guys. I love the simplicity of this one -- and they don't look as breakable as they really are! I got an angel of prayer, but I'm loving your celebrating angel there! Glad you were able to fix it. I remember breaking Joseph's staff on mom's set when I was younger -- crazy glue to the rescue then as well!

aunt cindy said...

Kendra and Erin do look a lot alike...tho I think Eva could join the look alike club as well.