Monday, December 17, 2007

What our flock is up to

Yesterday at church the Sunday School kids did a short Christmas play. Luke and the other 2 year olds were sheep. As Alec said, they weren't "baaaaad."

Here is Luke and his friends getting ready for their big debut. They were pretty hyper.



This is Luke and his shepherd, one of the high school boys.


Shortly after the first song was begun, the power in the building went out. We meet in the large auditorium of a high school and it was pretty dark until the few emergency lights came on. The little girls/angels were singing and surprisingly no one screamed or yelled. After a few minutes of chaos and people running out to their cars for flashlights, we carried on. It was difficult to hear the readers and some of the soloists, but it went off anyway. Or course, everyone "awwwww"ed when Luke and his flock came out.


A few days ago Luke found a Baby Winnie the Pooh doll that he doesn't play with much. He started carrying it around again and calling it his baby. I saw him a little while later with his shirt up and the baby on his stomach. He said he was giving it a drink.


Tonight Alec had to go do a quick deacon thing after supper. Luke and Erin were playing around with Legos while I washed the dishes and I had closed the gate so Erin didn't crawl into the kitchen. Both kids crawled up (Luke thinks he is a baby too when Erin crawls) to the gate and horsed around there.


And here's a little video clip of Erin crawling (password lukerin). She's really getting around now. Maybe she'll lose the belly.


Speaking of how big Erin is . . . today Luke and Erin wore the same size pants -- 18 months. Yikes.


MLE said...

uh oh, we have flashbacks of Kim from when Mike was born! I guess that is sort of a natural response to want "feed" the baby, but hopefully he'll realize he's a boy soon.

Those sheep look adorable! What a cutie.

Gayle and Rob said...

Soooooooo cute - I guess your Christmas night was like the original - no electric lights in that stable either.