Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A new goal

Well, I'm going to try to post something new every day. It may not be anything significant, but I have been much more lax in recording things with Erin than I was with Luke. I know everyone says this happens with un-firstborn children (what is the correct way to say that?) , but I wanted to at least try a little harder.

After a few bits of advice from various friends and family members, I have decided to put off the potty training for a bit. It's pretty one-sided anyway and only exacerbating the behavior problems we're having. The state of Luke's heart is more important to me than the dryness of his pants. I feel a little bit like a failure, but oh well. I'm not the one peeing in my pants.

Here are a few more pictures from the past week. Erin likes to watch PBS with Luke and will sit for a few minutes while I quick run around and pick up some hot spots.


She's also discovered the joy of mac & cheese. The dairy doesn't seem to be bothering her anymore, praise the Lord. She drinks milk and eats yogurt like a pro. Still isn't too keen on cheese, but we'll keep trying.



We had another batch of backyard bunnies born this spring. Alec found the nest in approximately the same spot as the last time we had some. He made sure the cat didn't go out for a while until we saw the bunnies moving around by themselves. The other day we were out and looked in the nest but they were gone. After a while, Alec found one in the rose bush. We had been walking past it all afternoon and never saw it.


Later Alec found another one on the other side of the fence and caught it to show Luke. Luke had just woken from a nap and had a little plastic bowl with some dried fruit in it for a snack. I was inside and heard him scream and then start crying. He had been looking at the bunny and all of a sudden it jumped - and landed right in his snack bowl! Was he ever surprised!

Erin has also started playing with toys in the backyard. She doesn't seem to mind the grass as much as Luke did at this age - probably because it's still cool and she needs pants on. She crawls around like she owns the place. Gets very dirty but I haven't seen her trying to eat too much so I'm not too concerned.



You can see by how blurry her head is that she was very animated! She sat in there bouncing up and down, hooting and hollering.



MLE said...

Hey! You're not a failure! I'm glad to see more information on the kids -- it really brightens my day to see a new update and I get to live vicariously through the internet. Thanks for that! Love ya!

Anne said...

I felt as though potty-training with Gus (the firstborn) was my first "real" public test as a parent, because success or failure is so obvious.

I tried every tactic to get Gus potty-trained and he resisted them all. It wasn't until Gabe was about a month old that he started consistently getting himself to the bathroom on his own without any accidents or battle of the wills.

A week later, Gus broke his leg ... remember that? I kept thinking 'great, now our progress is down the toilet' - no pun intended. Gus couldn't walk on his own, was too little to understand crutches and I was strapped with a newborn.

Then came my miracle. He kept it up, even when limited to the couch. He'd tell me he had to go and I'd carry him to the bathroom. And that was the end of that.

My point? I have no potty-training advice. No tactics seemed to work, except that HE decided he wanted to cooperate and then it was a done deal. And as trivial as potty-training might seem in the grand cosmic scheme of things, I believe God granted me that miracle in the face of a tough situation - newborn, sibling with broken leg, yada yada.

As for Gabe, well, I still don't have potty-training advice because he's my other example of grace. He's a spitfire and potty-training could've been a complete disaster. However, he initiated it all by himself because he wanted to be like his big brother. I resisted because I had bad memories of the ordeal with Gus, but he kept insisting on being a "big boy." And he trained himself. It was the strangest thing. God has totally let me off the hook this time around! :)

I think you're right to lay off for awhile. He'll get it eventually.