Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm ready now


OK, I'm ready for you all to see what I've done to my etsy shop. I've been trying to add one more item each day and now I'm up to 9. It's taking me a while to get the descriptions right because I don't want them to sound cheesy, but I don't want them to be boring either. Plus, I'm saving everything in Word so I don't have to type everything each time I list something similar.

And I was hesitant about the Dutch names for everything, but I think it works. If Pottery Barn can give children's names to all of their items I think I can give Dutch names for all of mine.

So, scroll down and find the link on the right - *click on kinderstikken. Then tell me what you think.

And pass it on.


Gayle and Rob said...

Well, once I figured out how to find your stuff, I was impressed. What a great way to get your products out in front of customers. I like the Dutch theme and the tags for the hair clips turned out really cute. You also have such a darling model! Have fun with it.

Anne said...

Cute stuff!

Your shop URL is also ... that might be easier for people to remember than the user ID number one. The gets automatically forwarded to the user ID one.